Post-Christmas “I Wants…”

Written by Amber on December 29, 2011 – 10:36 am -

See this towel set?


See that really cute light colored hand towel in the middle?

A friend gave me one for Christmas, along with some wonderfully minty handmade soap. And this hand towel is just TOO CUTE. And I want more. ; ) Of course, it’s not in stock online. =\ I’m hoping I can find some more in the store at Walmart.

Because even though the colors in my kitchen and dining room right now are mostly black, white, and red (and small amounts of brown), I really like the idea of adding more color with some blue and some green. I recently bought these measuring cups at our local HEB and they hang on a hook in plain sight. I’ve been thinking about adding more of these colors into the kitchen somehow anyway. ; )

measuring-cupsAren’t they cute? Oh, and look! While looking for a picture online I found matching measuring spoons.. I’ll have to remedy their absence in my kitchen soon. ; )

measuring-spoonsOh, and one more “cute thing” I found while searching for a picture of the measuring cups — how cool is this?

coffee-cupsI’ve already seen links for DIY chalk painted coffee cups on Pinterest… and now I’m thinking I could add the colored bands, too! (But at the bottom of the cup, not the top where you put your mouth, and leave the top 2 inches or so unpainted by chalk paint, too.) I think I like this…  = )

Of course.. if I can’t find the above towel set in stock somewhere, I could always just stick with something that already matches what’s already in place. ; )


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