A Coffee Cocktail

Written by Amber on November 5, 2009 – 11:59 am -

Now here’s a twist on coffee-drinking that I hadn’t thought of yet!

Warm Up With A Coffee Cocktail

A chilly and rain-soaked October has made the iced coffees and coffee smoothies of summer seem like a hazy memory.

It is definitely that time of year when many people prefer a drink that warms the spirit along with the body.
Of course, coffee does that quite nicely. But mid- autumn and winter may awaken a desire for some richer alcoholic beverages that will “warm the insides.”

I’ll admit that it sounds good, but I doubt I’ll ever go to the trouble to find out. 😉 It does stir the imagination, though, doesn’t it? Think of the different flavors you could add into the cream, or the coffee mixture. What about a raspberry, or amaretto? And certainly you could make a non-alcoholic version. You may even be able to make a lower fat, lower calorie version by switching out a lower fat cream, skipping the sugar on the rim and using flavorings instead of flavored liqueurs.

What other flavors or liqueurs would you try?

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