Um. Valentine’s Day Anyone?

Written by Amber on January 31, 2011 – 9:28 pm -

So this isn’t exactly “coffee” related.. but it’s kitchen which relates to food which relates to coffee.

Or you could say it’s Valentine-y which is related to love which is related to my love of coffee.

Except that it really isn’t (Valentine’s Day related – is it? You decide…)

A For the Love of Coffee Affiliate Link

A big thanks to my mom who shared this product with me, an item pitched in an email as a “gift for Valentine’s Day.” It’s kind of disturbing but also funny. In a disturbing kind of way. 😉

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Creating a Coffee Themed Kitchen (Because I like it that much.)

Written by Amber on May 29, 2009 – 12:37 pm -

In December, my mom asked what I wanted for Christmas.

“I dunno…” I replied. I was very helpful. My mom commented, “regardless I’m buying you some new kitchen towels. I have SEEN yours. And they are SAD.”

So my mom gave me coffee themed valances, black & taupe kitchen linens and coffee themed coasters with the phrase that inspired this blog, “The end justifies the beans.” LOVE THEM. (I also bought these prints: 1,2,3,4.)

Though this did a lot to create a coffee bistro theme… this weekend we’re really going to seal the deal. Just wait and see what a little bit of paint can do….







(To be continued…)

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