My first coffee pot was free. (Yours could be too.)

Written by Amber on February 26, 2009 – 8:00 am -

I was a college freshman when I got one of those mail offers (remember back when it was all snail mail?) for a Free Gevalia Coffee pot when I placed an order. I needed a coffee pot anyway, so I figured, “what they hay?”
I was not disappointed! That coffee pot survived over ten years, probably closer to TWELVE, until just a few months ago when it started getting a little quirky. It was a sad day when I retired that pot to the cabinet. It’s been with me through my wedding day, ten years of marriage and the births of my three children. It was almost like I was losing a companion.
Did you know that Gevalia is having another Free Coffee Pot promotion? And this coffee pot looks so stylish! A programmable, stainless steel 12 cup coffee pot. Oh, yeah, and they have pretty good coffee, and tea, too. 😉

    Oh, yeah, I did go a little over the 65 word limit. I get a little..talkative..when I get excited.

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