Review: CoffeeMate Eggnog Creamer

Written by Amber on April 13, 2010 – 8:00 am -


Eggnog. Coffee. Two great beverages in life. Could this be the best flavor combination ever? Or a really bad idea??

I’ll admit I really wasn’t sure which way it would go, when my grandmother gave me a free bottle of CoffeMate Eggnog creamer last month. (The eggnog flavor is one of their seasonal flavors that’s only available during certain times of the year.) So it was with a big of skepticism and a smidge of anticipation that I opened it up and gave it a whirl that first time. How bad could it be?

I’ll be honest – it wasn’t great. That first cup of coffee, I added waaaaay too much coffee creamer for that strong of a flavor. I didn’t realize how potent it was going to be. And though I love the flavor of eggnog, the truth is that the eggnog flavor was buried under something almost woody. It was almost like the flavor was “Christmas tree with a hint of eggnog.” Truly.

Never one to give in easily (especially when it comes to eggnog) I gave it another try the next day. I used half the amount I did the day before. Better. Much. But still piney. (It may have been cinnamon? But it was more like: “here, use this pine branch as your stir stick.”)

Now don’t get me wrong… I really wanted this to work. What can I say? I like eggnog. I gave it a third shot, and I used even less. The woody flavor was tolerable, but the eggnog flavor wasn’t as strong as I’d have liked. Still, it wasn’t bad.

Actually, it was good enough that I used the entire bottle. In the end though, I’d have to say that I probably wouldn’t spend my money on it in the future. (Not unless they came out with an improved version.) Especially since there are other flavors I like so much better.

However, if you like woody, earthy flavors (I don’t) you might actually love it!

Not wanting to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth… did you know that you can print CoffeeMate coupons directly from their site? It’s true. To save money on any flavor you like, check out the CoffeeMate website!

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