And then I checked out Gevalia’s Spring Clearance…

Written by Amber on April 15, 2010 – 6:40 pm -

My coffee pot is on the fritz. =(

The FRITZ. As in, I push “start” and it starts and then it stops a few minutes later with several cups of water in the reservoir. So I push start again and it processes some more of the water and then it stops again. Still not finished. Around and round we go — and I’m not liking having to wait that long and go through that much trouble to get to my coffee.

Which is sad because I haven’t had this one that long and my previous pot (a Gevalia Kaffe pot) lasted 12 years!!

So then I checked out Gevalia’s Spring Clearance section.



I’m seriously thinking about replacing the fritzy one with either the 12 cup or the 4 cup coffee maker.. I can’t decide. I CAN drink 12 cups of coffee a day but do I NEED TO?? Um, no. I have company that drinks coffee so rarely that I may go with the 4 cup.

And did you see the Blueberry Creme coffee on clearance, too? That sounds like a definite “Must Try.” My regular coffee order is coming out of this paycheck so I’m going to have to wait until the next one. (And hope that things are still on clearance.) If they’re NOT.. I’ve learned there’s an ongoing 20% off promotion while digging around in my affiliate dashboard!!

To earn a 20% off discount, simply click this link >> Get 20% Off Your Entire Gevalia Order!

So should I get the 12 cup (29.97) or the 4 cup (17.97) Hmmm…


**Yes, that IS an affiliate link, which means that IF you order something (GO CHECK OUT THAT CLEARANCE SECTION, SERIOUSLY), you get a discount and I get a (very) small commission. Any earnings go towards the Amber Oliver new coffee pot fund.


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My first coffee pot was free. (Yours could be too.)

Written by Amber on February 26, 2009 – 8:00 am -

I was a college freshman when I got one of those mail offers (remember back when it was all snail mail?) for a Free Gevalia Coffee pot when I placed an order. I needed a coffee pot anyway, so I figured, “what they hay?”
I was not disappointed! That coffee pot survived over ten years, probably closer to TWELVE, until just a few months ago when it started getting a little quirky. It was a sad day when I retired that pot to the cabinet. It’s been with me through my wedding day, ten years of marriage and the births of my three children. It was almost like I was losing a companion.
Did you know that Gevalia is having another Free Coffee Pot promotion? And this coffee pot looks so stylish! A programmable, stainless steel 12 cup coffee pot. Oh, yeah, and they have pretty good coffee, and tea, too. 😉

    Oh, yeah, I did go a little over the 65 word limit. I get a little..talkative..when I get excited.

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