15 Things You Should Know About Coffee

Written by Amber on May 20, 2010 – 11:37 am -

The Oatmeal has the most informative, most funny little piece about coffee… 15(ish) Things Worth Knowing About Coffee.


I knew a good deal of that already but I did NOT know that robusta (vs. arabica) has 50% more caffeine (I need to get me some of that!) and the visual descriptions of the different methods of serving coffee (espresso, cappuccino) were the best and easiest to understand that I have ever seen! I think next time I want to order a Breve. =)

And I also can’t help wondering if the berry around the coffee bean isn’t useful for SOMETHING? Seems like an awful waste just to strip it off to get to the bean. Strip it off and make jam out of it or something? Okay, rant over.

Now off you go. To The Oatmeal! Go! Now!

Are you still here?….

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