If you don’t read my other blog, you may or may not know that I am a stay-home, homeschooling mama of three, trying to make ends meet in a two income world. It’s true.

You may or may not know that my husband would loooove for me to turn blogging into a second income, either. Here he is posing with his grumpy face:

Even before there were things such as the new FTC guidelines for bloggers and threats of hefty fines for disclosure infractions, there was such a thing as honesty, integrity and sincerity (three things I insist on maintaining on both of my blogs and all of my online interactions.) Don’t get me wrong, there are some things about my life that the online world doesn’t need to know. On the other hand, I refuse to stoop to dishonest levels to try to make a dime.

It ain’t worth it.

That said, there are some things you should know about this blog:

  1. I love coffee.
  2. Every time I say I drank coffee, I drank it.
  3. Every time I say I want coffee, I really do want it.
  4. Every time I see coffee decor that I like I really do want it.
  5. I really do have a mini love affair with my coffee pot (though I don’t love it as much as my husband or my God so I’m just hanging in above the “inappropriate” line on both accounts.) ;0)

Oh…wait.. that’s probably not the kind of disclosure you were looking for was it?

Then you should also know…

From time to time I link to items and websites using affiliate links –links that will earn me a small commission after you make a purchase, become a member, or complete an offer.

When I do so I:

  1. Make sure that the information I’m offering is true, correct, and my own opinion
  2. Post links to items and websites I feel positively about/think my readers will genuinely be interested in
  3. Speak truthfully. If I say I bought, used, tried, or ordered something, I did.
  4. Welcome any feedback on items, offers and websites I link to – good or bad
  5. Use an affiliate link for something I am already going to blog about if I have one.
  6. Indicate at the bottom of the post whether I was compensated in some way other than through an affiliate link, such as a being given a free product to try or being given a book to review.

At this time, I am regularly affiliated with the following:

  1. Amazon.com – If l link to Amazon, I use an affiliate link. By doing so, I earn a small commission on any purchase you make within a certain period of time. It doesn’t cost you any more money, or make you buy something that you weren’t going to already, it just leaves me a little tip in the tip jar for pointing you to their site. Yay me!
  2. Google – I have google ads and a google search bar on some of my pages. Google ads aren’t big money makers, but pennies add up dude! I’ve tried to tailor the ads and my posts so that they provide relevant links to something you may be searching for. If not, oh well.
  3. MySavings – I’m a partner with mysavings.com – a freebie and sample site I was using LONG before I knew they had an affiliate program. In my attempt to share my freebie addiction with my readers, I’ll probably pass on a really good offer now and then (and when I do you can bet it will be an affiliate link, most of which don’t make me any money unless you actually request the freebie or service.) However, if you’d like to sign up as an affiliate also, you can do so here. (<—-And yeah, that’s an affiliate link, too.)
  4. Gevalia – Not only do I have an affiliate link for Gevalia but I order 3 boxes of coffee from them every six weeks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cafe Sperl. It’s my favorite so far. (Even more than the chocolate raspberry one.) I enjoy grinding coffee beans and having fresh coffee and Gevalia is my favorite place to get it. Affiliate Link —-> Get Your Free Gevalia Coffeemaker and Travel Mug Today!

I also use links to the above in my sidebars, and may at some point consider selling ad space again.

You should also know that if I review an item, I always give my honest opinion. If I am compensated I will still be honest and I will always note that at the bottom of the review. If I recommend an item or service I have used it is because at the time I am happy with the item and think it’s something you could benefit from, too.

Additionally, I reserve the right to like things you don’t like, recommend products that work for me and have my own opinion. Likewise, I reserve your right to not like things I like. I welcome comments and invite you to share your own personal experience with any product, link or website that I link to or promote. Discussion is always welcome.

And of course, if you haven’t already, you can get my full feed in your favorite reader or inbox. That part doesn’t make me any money, but it sure is nice.

And now if you’d like to help get my husband off my back – maybe you have some shopping you already need to do?