Hi. My name is Amber,.. and I’m a coffee junkie. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy fancy schmancy coffees, I own a coffee grinder, I’ll whip up my own homemade version of Starbucks coffees… but I’ll also drink a BK Joe or Sonic’s Mocha Hot Latte. No coffee snobbery, just give me the coffee already!

I love the smell of coffee most, I think. It has the deepest, most wonderful aroma. Sometimes I think I could brew a pot and make it through the day just smelling the fumes! But I also enjoy the taste, too, and if you’ve gone so far as to brew some.. no sense letting good coffee go to waste! Coffee is God’s gift to mothers of young children, I’m convinced. God and coffee keep me going from morning till night.

I had my first cup of coffee around the age of 12. At the time I drank it about half coffee, half milk. Now, I’ll drink coffee just about any way but black. Sweet and cold, barely sweet, with half and half, milk or even powdered creamer, flavored, unflavored, or with chocolate syrup in it. I enjoy coffee so much I finally decided to decorate my kitchen and dining room in an entire coffee theme.

This blog is a reflection of my daily coffee habit, serving up sips of coffee recipes, vintage coffee art, free coffee or coffee products, reviews and recommendations, and whatever else I happen to find on this world wide web of coffee goodness.

Email me: amber {at} forloveofcoffee {dot} com!