Out. =(

Written by Amber on January 18, 2011 – 1:43 pm -


I’m out.

Of coffee, that is. It’s a terrible, terrible thing! I’ve managed to catch up on my Gevalia stash and now I’m impatiently waiting for my next order.

I *could* go in and bump up the order date but I need it to stay where it is so the auto-draft lines up with payday. Or I *could* get some coffee at the store, and I may get a little bag next time I’m there, but I’m not making a trip just for that. So until then.. I’m out, out, out.

Truthfully, I’m not completely out, I still have two boxes of decaf.. But that hardly counts, does it?! So I’ve been living on hubs’ instant (OrganoGold) and hot tea.

It’s just not the same…

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