Post-Thanksgiving Post

Written by Amber on November 29, 2009 – 6:58 pm -

What a week last week! We were non-stop busy-busy. We had two Thanksiving meals, several fall crafts, and in between we made Indian costumes for the kids to wear to our 2nd family gathering. It was loads of fun. And somewhere in there my Gevalia order arrived! I found it at the post office on Friday but with all the running around to other relatives houses, I didn’t a chance to to try it out until this morning. Today: Peruvian Organic. Mmmm.

And with Thanksgiving barely even out of the way… YAY CHRISTMAS!! =D

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Still Trying To Tweak Twitter Tools

Written by Amber on October 22, 2009 – 10:07 am -

As you can tell, I’m still trying to play around with Twitter Tools and get it just right. It seems like a really good tool to incorporate my tweets into my blog and also for tweeting my new blog posts. But I don’t have the settings quite right yet and I’m getting duplicate posts and weird stuff like that. I think I may have figured it out and hopefully we’ve seen our last duplicate post. From now on all the tweets should be posts in one digest post. Here’s hoping. =)

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