Out. =(

Written by Amber on January 18, 2011 – 1:43 pm -


I’m out.

Of coffee, that is. It’s a terrible, terrible thing! I’ve managed to catch up on my Gevalia stash and now I’m impatiently waiting for my next order.

I *could* go in and bump up the order date but I need it to stay where it is so the auto-draft lines up with payday. Or I *could* get some coffee at the store, and I may get a little bag next time I’m there, but I’m not making a trip just for that. So until then.. I’m out, out, out.

Truthfully, I’m not completely out, I still have two boxes of decaf.. But that hardly counts, does it?! So I’ve been living on hubs’ instant (OrganoGold) and hot tea.

It’s just not the same…

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A Cup A Day: Traveling

Written by Amber on November 6, 2009 – 11:18 am -

Yes, we’re heading back to my mom’s house AGAIN! We’re driving four hours today to spend the weekend with my parents for my mom’s 50th birthday. Among other things, on the itinerary is a trip to Austin to a museum and a visit to “the bridge where all the bats live.” How fun!

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A Cup A Day: Busy, Busy, Busy!

Written by Amber on November 4, 2009 – 1:48 pm -

Bundled up in my warm hoodie, drinking coffee, fighting off this head cold.

Bundled up in my warm hoodie, drinking coffee, fighting off this head cold.

My lack of “real” blogging lately (here or at Classic Housewife) is evidence of just how busy I have been the last couple of weeks! The last week of October I took the kids to my mom’s house, spent the weekend with them and then left the kids there. BOY THAT WAS NICE! While they were gone, I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned like a madwoman. Not just cleaning though, purging, reorganizing, rearranging… I spent a lot of time on it, and still have more that could be done. There’s always more.

My parents brought the kids back the day before Halloween and spent the weekend up here with us. And believe it or not, in just two more days I’ll be going back again!! Yes, it’s a four hour drive. But it’s my mom’s 50th birthday, and we’re going to go celebrate it with her. I have to figure out what to get for her. She loves coffee also, so perhaps something coffee related. Though I haven’t decided exactly what yet. I’ll keep thinking about it. (MOM ARE YOU READING THIS?)

I’ve also been working on my best friend’s website, getting the oldest daughter’s school curriculum software set up on the new laptop and fighting off a headcold through all of that– where’s the time to blog? Seems I have found time to Twitter though, as evidenced by the recent “Today on Twitter” posts. I finally got it all set up and working the way I want it to. Perfect for quick scanning and browsing of any interesting links I posted or retweeted throughout the day. Since my goal here is short and sweet (not doing so great at that on THIS post am I?) I think the Twitter posts will be a good additon. That is, if I can find the time to add in some “real” blog posts here and there, too. 😉 Now off you go, go grab another cup of coffee. You deserve it.

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A Cup A Day

Written by Amber on October 20, 2009 – 11:00 am -

Good morning! The coffee pot holds my brew, my liquid energy for the day. (Even if I did make it a bit strong today!)

Two days and counting until my Momcation begins! On Thursday evening I’ll be taking the kids down to my mom’s house for the next 8 days. But I’LL be coming back on Saturday- I’ll have six and a half wonderful days of Momcation. I spend 99.9% of my time with my children, and I haven’t had time to retreat, refresh and recharge since August – so a retreat is definitely in order! In addition to catching up on some housework and helping my landlord work on their house they are building, I am thinking I’ll take the time to color my hair, wax my eyebrows and enjoy the peace and quiet. Ahhhh.

Cheers! Enjoy your caffeinated day!

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A Cup a Day

Written by Amber on September 15, 2009 – 2:53 pm -

MMmmm,.. can you smell it? This is actually my second cup- the gray, drizzly weather required it. Oh, and the finally falling asleep at 4am and getting up around 9. Yeah, that too.

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Cup of the Day

Written by Amber on September 14, 2009 – 11:22 am -

First day of school today; I was up late prepping the lessons – definitely need the coffee!!

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