Kohls’ Deals on Keurig Brewers

Written by Amber on November 29, 2010 – 1:52 pm -


Kohl’s has Cyber-Monday deals on Keurig Brewers!!

PLUS if you use the code ” CYBER20” you can get an extra 20% off and “CONTACTFR” for free shipping.

That would make these:

  • The Keurig Elite Brewer is $109.99 with 20% off $87.99 shipped.
  • The Keurig B60 Special Edition Coffee Brewer is $139.99 with 20% off  $111.99 shipped.

How’s THAT for a great Cyber Monday deal??

Hat Tip: For the Mommas.

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New Offer from Gevalia

Written by Amber on October 22, 2010 – 6:34 pm -

Gevalia has a new offer out:

Get 2 premium varieties of coffee. Coffee Maker &

“Pay $22.00 + $5.95 shipping and handling for 2 boxes of Gevalia coffee and get a 12-cup stainless steel encased programmable coffeemaker, a stainless steel carafe and a stainless steel travel mug, a $168 value absolutely FREE with no additional commitment. ”

Did you see that “no additional commitment” part? They want you to try their coffee so much they’re giving away a free coffee pot just for trying it.

I love my Gevalia. My favorites are Cafe Sperl, Antico Greco & Le Procope. Apparently I like the European flavors. ; ) They also have two seasonal flavors right now, Pecan Torte and Raspberry Danish. Mmmm, Pecan Torte….

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And then I checked out Gevalia’s Spring Clearance…

Written by Amber on April 15, 2010 – 6:40 pm -

My coffee pot is on the fritz. =(

The FRITZ. As in, I push “start” and it starts and then it stops a few minutes later with several cups of water in the reservoir. So I push start again and it processes some more of the water and then it stops again. Still not finished. Around and round we go — and I’m not liking having to wait that long and go through that much trouble to get to my coffee.

Which is sad because I haven’t had this one that long and my previous pot (a Gevalia Kaffe pot) lasted 12 years!!

So then I checked out Gevalia’s Spring Clearance section.



I’m seriously thinking about replacing the fritzy one with either the 12 cup or the 4 cup coffee maker.. I can’t decide. I CAN drink 12 cups of coffee a day but do I NEED TO?? Um, no. I have company that drinks coffee so rarely that I may go with the 4 cup.

And did you see the Blueberry Creme coffee on clearance, too? That sounds like a definite “Must Try.” My regular coffee order is coming out of this paycheck so I’m going to have to wait until the next one. (And hope that things are still on clearance.) If they’re NOT.. I’ve learned there’s an ongoing 20% off promotion while digging around in my affiliate dashboard!!

To earn a 20% off discount, simply click this link >> Get 20% Off Your Entire Gevalia Order!

So should I get the 12 cup (29.97) or the 4 cup (17.97) Hmmm…


**Yes, that IS an affiliate link, which means that IF you order something (GO CHECK OUT THAT CLEARANCE SECTION, SERIOUSLY), you get a discount and I get a (very) small commission. Any earnings go towards the Amber Oliver new coffee pot fund.


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Review: CoffeeMate Eggnog Creamer

Written by Amber on April 13, 2010 – 8:00 am -


Eggnog. Coffee. Two great beverages in life. Could this be the best flavor combination ever? Or a really bad idea??

I’ll admit I really wasn’t sure which way it would go, when my grandmother gave me a free bottle of CoffeMate Eggnog creamer last month. (The eggnog flavor is one of their seasonal flavors that’s only available during certain times of the year.) So it was with a big of skepticism and a smidge of anticipation that I opened it up and gave it a whirl that first time. How bad could it be?

I’ll be honest – it wasn’t great. That first cup of coffee, I added waaaaay too much coffee creamer for that strong of a flavor. I didn’t realize how potent it was going to be. And though I love the flavor of eggnog, the truth is that the eggnog flavor was buried under something almost woody. It was almost like the flavor was “Christmas tree with a hint of eggnog.” Truly.

Never one to give in easily (especially when it comes to eggnog) I gave it another try the next day. I used half the amount I did the day before. Better. Much. But still piney. (It may have been cinnamon? But it was more like: “here, use this pine branch as your stir stick.”)

Now don’t get me wrong… I really wanted this to work. What can I say? I like eggnog. I gave it a third shot, and I used even less. The woody flavor was tolerable, but the eggnog flavor wasn’t as strong as I’d have liked. Still, it wasn’t bad.

Actually, it was good enough that I used the entire bottle. In the end though, I’d have to say that I probably wouldn’t spend my money on it in the future. (Not unless they came out with an improved version.) Especially since there are other flavors I like so much better.

However, if you like woody, earthy flavors (I don’t) you might actually love it!

Not wanting to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth… did you know that you can print CoffeeMate coupons directly from their site? It’s true. To save money on any flavor you like, check out the CoffeeMate website!

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Gift Suggestions for the Coffee Lover in Your Life

Written by Amber on December 4, 2009 – 11:36 pm -

Yes, I’ve personally browsed, searched, compared and composed the following list below, making it easy-peasy for you to pick out a gift for your coffee-loving loved one (especially if that loved one is me!)

It can’t get much easier than this, can it?
Hover over any of the images below to see the item name and description. Happy shopping!

*Full Disclosure – I am an Amazon Affiliate Member.

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Coffee Products at Deep Discounts on Amazon

Written by Amber on December 1, 2009 – 1:52 am -

I feel like a kid in a candy store. Or like my 4 year old son who basically wants everything for Christmas. We don’t even have toy catalogs or commercials on tv, he just randomly thinks of things and comes to me throughout the day, “Mommy and I want one of those for Christmas, too.”

I’ve been telling  my husband that I want some kind of personal media player for Christmas, one that will play music and videos both. But after browsing Amazon, and drooling quite a bit on the keyboard, I’d take one of these, too: Capresso 303.01 4-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine. It’s on sale for 48% off right now, only 52$. (Daddy, and I want one of these for Christmas, too.) ; )

You can find that and some of the other things I found (25-48% off) in my sidebar. (And yeah, I’m an affiliate so if you happen to buy one of those, or something else you find that you like better, it contributes to my coffee habit.)

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